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Discover Kāwhia

Explore Kāwhia, Ōtorohanga's tranquil seaside retreat known for its natural spas, fishing heritage, and Māori culture.

Natural Spa

At low tide, Ocean Beach's geothermal waters provide a soothing natural spa—dig your own sand pool and relax in the warmth.

Fishing and Serenity

Kāwhia is a year-round haven for fishing enthusiasts, offering tours that capitalize on its peaceful, fish-rich waters.

Cultural Richness

Kāwhia boasts a rich heritage that intertwines the narratives of Māori and European settlers. The area is dotted with well-preserved buildings from early European settlement and holds numerous sites of profound importance to the Tainui tribe.

Explore the Harbour

Kāwhia Harbour is a serene waterway contrasting the dynamic ocean beach and home to the historic Tainui Waka landing site.

Te Whare Taonga o Kāwhia Moana 

Kāwhia Regional Museum

Discover Kāwhia's history through the Museum's exhibits, from ancient carvings to the secrets of its geothermal beach.

Te Puia Springs Natural Hot Pools

The friendly staff at the Kāwhia Museum and Information Centre will advise you about the location of the hot springs on Ocean Beach, where heated water bubbles up through the sand from a geothermal spring. They'll even rent you a small shovel to dig your own spa pool!

For about 2 hours before and after low tide you can dig in the sand on a small section of Ocean Beach where there is geothermal activity. To find the hot springs walk for a few minutes over the sand dunes from the car park at the end of the road to Ocean Beach.

You may see small raised areas of sand or steam rising, smell the sulphurous odour or (in ideal conditions) see steam rising. Dig in the sand and warm water will fill the hole you've excavated. Relax and soak!


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