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Ōtorohanga the Kiwiana Town

Discover Ōtorohanga, a rural King Country town that embodies New Zealand's Kiwiana spirit with a rich display of cultural icons, heroes, and traditions. It's a place where the essence of Kiwi life, from the iconic Buzzy Bee toy to the beloved Edmonds Cookery Book, is celebrated in every corner.

More About School Visits

Visit Ōtorohanga to discover all things “Kiwiana”

Ōtorohanga’s Kiwiana exhibits, murals and sculptures are entertaining and informative, a wonderful way to teach your students all about New Zealand’s popular culture, “Kiwiana”.

For just $3 per person:

  • We’ll Meet & Greet you

  • Give you all a “taste of Kiwiana” (a hokey pokey ice cream and Jaffas)

  • Plus give you a printed Kiwiana Quiz for the kids to solve

Our fabulous team will give you all the help you’ll need for an exciting, instructive school visit.

Please contact Ōtorohanga Information Centre to arrange your booking

Phone: 07 8738951

The Kiwiana Story

In 1971 the Ōtorohanga Kiwi House opened – the first Kiwi House in NZ to display and breed kiwi. Ōtorohanga became known as the ‘Kiwi town’.

Then in 1999, a talented marketing consultant and designer, David Walmsley, suggested extending Ōtorohanga’s Kiwi Town theme to celebrate all things uniquely Kiwi – New Zealand icons, heroes and traditions (in other words: ‘Kiwiana’)… and Ōtorohanga became the ‘Kiwiana Town’.

“Project Kiwiana”, a team of community volunteers, was formed in September 1999 under David’s creative guidance. He has inspired, helped and advised the “Project Kiwiana” team ever since to create Ōtorohanga’s Kiwiana-themed projects,  from murals and hanging icons to festivals, parades and the creation of the Jim Barker memorial playground

Project Kiwiana receives income from sponsorships, community rates, grants funding and fundraising events.

Creating Kiwiana attractions that make Ōtorohanga a ‘must see’ destination for visitors and promote Ōtorohanga as New Zealand’s official ‘Kiwiana Town’

Kiwiana on Display

To provide a fascinating insight into New Zealand’s popular culture, we have 26 beautifully crafted exhibits and 7 large posters in our town centre.